Which Crash Pants are the right ones for me? How do I make a decision?

The padding that is best suited for you depends on your athletic needs. Check out these padding tips to find out what injuries our padding options prevent:

  • Hip Bones: if movements or contact scenarios in your sport tend to throw you forward and to the ground, leaving your pointy hip bones bruised. Available in: Basic Crash Shorts, Full Crash Shorts.
  • Hip Sides: to prevent the multi-coloured bruises (resembling galaxies far, far away) - results of falls onto the side of your hip or bum. Available in: Basic Crash Shorts, Full Crash Shorts.
  • Coccyx/Tailbone: any full-contact or action sport can result in athletes falling back and landing on their butt. If you hit your tailbone when doing so it is incredibly painful and coccyx injury recovery is slow and sore. This is why every model of our Crash Pants Collection has removable tailbone protection. 
  • Coccyx+: if you are recovering from a tailbone injury or tend to land on your butt a lot. This additional protective layer can be found in our Contact Wear Accessories section.
  • Thigh: if your sport tends to get you into situations that create numbing dead legs. Available in: Full Crash Shorts


For further information check out our STEAKS® Lab Report: Protect your lower body: Which STEAKS® Crash Pants are right for you?