The STEAKS® Contact Wear Mission

We’re on a MISSION to ENHANCE THE WOMXN ATHLETE’S EXPERIENCE through high-quality protective activewear that offers SMART IMPACT PROTECTION, without restricting the FREEDOM OF MOVEMENT and has a FLATTERING CUT - boosting ATHLETIC CONFIDENCE.


Athletes from Victorian Roller Derby in STEAKS® Contact and Team Wear.

Why wear protective apparel?

Protective apparel can help prevent unnecessary bruising and the soreness that follows. Why risk avoidable trauma? Whether you skate, box, play rugby, ski, snowboard, bike or surf - do what you love most without fear and without restricting your movements.

Our mission is to make you feel safe, protected, comfortable and totally badass with a flattering design and thoughtful cut of athletic wear. We protect the areas of the body that are vulnerable to impacts, like the coccyx bone, hips, bums, shins, ribs, sternum and breasts. All garments are designed and engineered in Finland.

Many athletes already swear by our protective garments. You can meet some of them in our STEAKS® CRW.

We work hard so you can soar with confidence.