Who are Pain & Bone?

Have you seen these weirdos?

You might have seen these characters, Pain and Bone at some event or maybe even strolling leisurely through your city. Most people find them creepy and they should! We have learned to embrace them and now consider them our anti-mascots.

But what or who are they?

Pain and Bone are the invisible ninjas that come out of nowhere and suddenly take you out on the track. Maybe a small injury has been announcing their looming approach but mostly their appearance is sudden: sometimes affecting a bone but always causing pain.

A lot of cities or events STEAKS® visits are yet to be filled with skaters wearing our contact wear products, which obviously is the reason we are at the event or in the city: to bring you STEAKS®. So naturally Pain and Bone can be spotted at these events or in these cities as well – as we seem to be cosmically connected (or maybe they are eavesdropping on our travel and event planning – who knows…, which would also explain why they keep succeeding in taking over our Instagram account. We apologize for that by the way. We will work on better passwords in the future).

Let us help you to keep Pain and Bone out of your life!


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