Team Uniforms

STEAKS designs and produces (padded and non padded) team uniforms for a competitive price and also offers a range of services that will support you and your team in creating the team uniforms you have always dreamed of! On this page you will find all information you need to get started. If you have any additional questions, please view our Team Uniform FAQ page or contact us.

Our Team Uniform Products include:

Uniform tops
  • Game jerseys (in team design, non padded) - 35€ p.i. (min. Q 10+ pcs.)
  • Padded game jerseys (in team design) - price will depend on chosen padding (min. Q 10+ pcs.)
Uniform bottoms
  • Compression bottoms (in team design, simple style, non padded) - 29€ p.i. (min. Q 10+ pcs.)
  • Compression Crash bottoms (in team design, padded, various pads) - price will depend on chosen padding (min. Q 10+ pcs.)
Uniform accessories
  • Shin Guards - 39€ p.i. (10+ pcs.)
  • Arm Bands - 18€ p.p. (within team order)
  • Reversible Helmet Covers - 25€ p.i. (within team order)

Our services include:

Fitting sets - try on our products before you purchase

If you are unsure about the fit you can order fitting sample sets that will be sent straight to your door. We offer the following fitting sets:

- Jerseys, non padded - deposit 100€ per style set
styles: 1. athletic lady & 2. loose fit
sizes: XS- 3XL

- Jerseys, padded - deposit 250 € per style set
styles: 1. Puzzle, 2.Tank,  3. Pro
sizes: S- 3XL
individual fitting sizes: 40€ per size

- Shorts, non padded (midi length) - deposit 100€
available in 2018
style: the fitting sample comes in one length, but team shorts order can include various lengths (Short, Midi, Medium, Capri, Long). Great simple style for sublimation printing.
sizes: S- 3XL

- Shorts, padded (midi length)  - deposit 250 €
available in 2018
style: midi length, Full Crash Short padding
sizes: 36-44
individual fitting sizes: 40€ per size


We ask for a 100€-250€ deposit for one fitting set, which will be refunded if the fitting sets are returned (at the team’s cost) within 30 days or will be deducted from the processed order.

Choose from our fitting set list or build your own fitting set from our padded gear - 40€ deposit per style and size.

Request your fitting set.

Design Samples - your design on your chosen products for 40€

Before commiting to an entire order we can create and send you samples of your desired products in your team design. Each sample item will priced with 40€. This way you can be sure that you have made the right choice.

Design Service

You can either send in your own design (in vector format) or make use of our design service. We will design your new team jerseys in cooperation with your team.

Design service is priced at 65€/hour

The duration of the design process will depend on how much information you can provide, if you already have a certain look you would like to shoot for and how well the design elements that are to be used in the uniform design are prepared and if they are available in vector format. We can send a detailed offer after your inquiry.

World Wide Shipping
We ship worldwide and have several shipping options you can choose from. Please view our shipping information page for details on your shipping options, individual duration and costs.

Let’s design your team's dream uniform!

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