Team Uniform FAQ

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Materials we use


OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

All fabrics STEAKS uses have certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for harmful substances.

The OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 is an independent test and certification system for textile raw, intermediate and end products at all stages of processing. The tests for harmful substances cover legally banned and controlled substances, chemicals known to be harmful to the health (but not yet legally controlled) and parameters for health protection. Taken in their entirety, the requirements go far beyond existing national legislation.



LYCRA® offers freedom of movement and superior fit, is durable and suitable for roller derby and other sports. LYCRA® Fiber blends into fabrics so clothes can move freely, fit your body better and last longer.  As versatile as your style needs are, LYCRA® Fiber works in any piece of clothing to give you the freedom to go on with your life with one less worry.  Add a touch of quality to your life and style.


Poron XRD impact material

STEAKS uses Poron XRD impact material offering extreme impact protection while still ensuring the user maximum comfort and flexibility. The lightweight material was designed for maximum absorption and dissipation of energy upon impact. The impact material is breathable and is treated with Microban® Antimicrobial Protection that helps prevent the growth of bacteria, odours and stains.

How does our impact material work?

The material is soft and flexible when at rest, while above the glass transition temperatures (Tg) of the urethane molecules. When stressed at high rate or impacted quickly, the Tg of the material reaches the point when the urethane molecules momentarily "freeze"- like water into ice. Thus the material firms to form a comfortable protective shell that absorbs and instantly dissipates up to 90% of the impact energy again and again.

STEAKS products made with Poron XRD:

- Padded jerseys
- Padded bottoms
- Shin Guards

Our printing process

There are no limits for the design if you order with us. We use a sublimated printing process, meaning the design is printed directly onto the fabric - individual name and back numbers and all. If you can dream it, it can be designed and produced.

Fitting & sizing

Our products are available in the following sizes:


- (Contact wear) tops & jerseys: EU 36-44
- (Contact wear) bottoms: EU 34-62


- (Contact wear) tops & jerseys: EU 46-56
- (Contact wear) bottoms: EU 46-56

Please view our size guide and the sizing FAQ to help you define the required sizes for your team members. We also provide fitting sets that will allow you to try on our products before placing an order. Find out more on our general information page for team uniforms.

Minimum order quantity

Individual sublimated designs are available from a minimum quantity of 10 items on your first order. Follow-up orders have no minimum quantity! This means that team members joining your league later in the season can purchase their team uniforms individually.

If you simply want to purchase any our stock items for your team without an individual print you can make use of our group order specials.

Planning and Production time

Planning and production will take roughly 16 weeks depending on a few factors:

Planning and sampling - 8 weeks
From our experience we will need a month of planning and another month for sampling (creating a sample of your selected products in your design. Recommended for first orders) before production. If you already know what you are looking for and maybe even already have a design the faster the planning phase will be.

Production - 8 weeks
After all has been planned and samples have been agreed on, the order is finalized and payment has been made production time will take 8 weeks.

Shipping - 2-3 weeks
Depending on your location please include 2-3 weeks for shipping. Please view our shipping information page for details on your shipping options, individual duration and costs.  


Tips to speed up planning:

- Inform yourself! Know the products that you are interested in and let us know! We can advise if you have questions.
- Be prepared! Know your team's measurements, their individual wishes (padded tops and/or bottoms) & have their name and numbers ready to send (Excel works best).
- Have your logo & design (if you are delivering your own design) ready in vector format.

Pricing - starts at 29€ per product

When ordering 10+ pieces per item or style we can offer you the following prices:

  • Jerseys - 35€ p.i.
  • Short Bottoms - 29€ p.i.
  • Capri Bottoms - 36€ p.i.
  • Long Bottoms - 39€ p.i.

Padding will be calculated on top. We also offer special prices for helmet covers and arm bands within team orders. You will receive a team pricing list after requesting an offer.

Please note that individual team uniform orders are subject to the order cancellation and refund and return policy for custom orders. Please view the details in our
terms and conditions.


Let’s design your team’s dream uniform!