Shank is a jammer with London’s Southern Discomfort Roller Derby and has spent over 3 and a half of his nearly 4-year derby career jamming with SDRD. Derby life for Shank started out in Cambridge (his current hometown) with the Cambridge Rollerbillies and desire to compete led him to the big smoke.

That desire was met quickly, travelling to Texas with SDRD to compete at MRDA champs and he has been a solid part of their A team since 2016, having just returned from Brewhaha 2018 in Milwaukee – you’ll likely next see Shank and SDRD at MRDA champs in Salem, Oregon this October.

Shank earned his first international Caps for England at the MRDWC in Barcelona 2018.

With a background in sports starting at 5yo, Shank has turned his hand to coaching roller derby wherever and whenever possible. A passion for exercise physiology, strength & conditioning, and for coaching others has led him to coach all over the UK, whilst also serving as head of training at SDRD, and as the newly appointed jammer coach with the London Rollergirls’ Brawl Saints. Keep your eyes peeled for plenty of jamming tips and jammer related off skates routines on his social media.


Shank is available as a coach for STEAKS Camps

Drop Shank a message if you would like him to come and coach your league!

Shank McCoy



Sport: Roller Derby
Skating since:
Country: England


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