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Pronouns: She/Her | Position: Blocker, Coach | Skating since: 2010 | Country: France

I started learning how to skate and Roller Derby with the Paris Rollergirls in May 2010. I had my first games with the B-Team called Les Quedalles in early 2012. Since then everything has gone fast as I was a part of the A team “Allstars” and Team France / Equipe de France since 2013. So many amazing games around the world. But recently I decided to switch to become an MRDA player with the Manneken Beasts with whom I had played Men’s European Tournament in November 2018 and will go to the USA to play our first games in this country (Brewhaha and Mohawk tournaments).

I’m also a coach and started in 2013 within my first league and become head coach during 2 seasons between 2015 and 2017.  I was also the bench coach and head coach for Panam Squad (MRDA – Paris) during 2 years (2015-2017) and have been the blocker coach for Men’s Team France (Equipe de France) since 2015 until last world cup (4th place). I will restart my coaching journey in 2019 with this team as a line-up manager and a blocker coach. During all this time I also had the chance to coach hundreds of skaters around Europe during public and private boot camps.


Sally is available as a coach for STEAKS Camps

Drop Sally a message if you would like her to come and coach your league!


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