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Pronouns: She/Her | Position: Pivot, Coach | Skating since: 2012 | Country: Germany

2012 I fell in love with roller derby and I instantly bought a pair of skates to become a skater myself. I’m a passionate derby nerd and I love to spread this passion and derby love all over the place. I’m coaching since 2014, my own league (Munich Rolling Rebels) and teams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Since 2016 I’m a proud member of Team Germany. And as a co-captain, I had the opportunity to lead my Team to the 13th place during the Blood&Thunder World Cup in Manchester in 2018.


Book a STEAKS Camp with Bee A to learn the following:

You want to take the next step and need help to improve? Let me teach you how to improve your individual blocking techniques, fancy footwork for blockers and jammers and how you master your partner- and wall work. Or are you interested in classes like “how to watch footage like a pro”, “competitive resources and competitions” or “skater evaluations”? I’ll coach you matching to your personal needs… Let’s learn, sweat and laugh together!

Coaching radius:

Europe, one country within 2 days


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