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I’ve been playing roller derby since 2011– two seasons with Pioneer Valley’s Dirty Dozen, three seasons with Ottawa’s Slaughter Squad, one season with Chinook City Glenmore Reservoir Dogs, am a present and former member of Team Canada in 2016, 2018 and 2020, and I currently skate with the Vancouver Murder!

Since moving to Ottawa, I began my coaching career as well, mentoring and helping both new and experienced skaters become better athletes and teammates. I also apprenticed with my good friend Mel (owner at Neon Skates), learning the fine art of skate building and repair and, most importantly, learning how to help out even more in the derby community! I am currently coaching the E-Ville Dead (on the rise in the WFTDA) and have been having a blast training these skaters and seeing the team soar!

My goals in derby are, first and foremost, to have fun and I love the level of competition that exists in this sport! Not to mention the overwhelming attitude of camaraderie among both my teammates and opponents.

Skating has been in my nature since I was very young, whether playing street hockey with friends as a teen or arriving at University classes on my skates in a sweat.

You will also find me coaching the occasional boot camp! I also travel for work quite a bit, and will contact local derby leagues to see if I can drop in on practices! I’ve met some amazing skaters and friends this way, while happily sharing the collective knowledge I’ve amassed with anyone who will give me a few minutes of their time.


Book a STEAKS CAMP with Coach Morson to learn the following:

You should contact me if skaters in your league or team(s) need help with the following:

  • Fundamental footwork
  • Advanced footwork
  • Individual blocking strategies
  • Blocking strategies for small(er) blockers
  • Defensive & Offensive strategy (based on an assessment of current team skillset)
  • Proactive play
  • Jammer footwork
  • Jammer/blocker communication
  • Bench staff strategies
  • Mental toughness/conditioning

I love coaching and working with skaters of all abilities! I will develop a plan that is completely custom for your league and rest assured…training will be fun, challenging, and rewarding.

Andre Morson



Pronouns: He/Him
Blocker, Pivot, Coach
Coaching radius: 
Western Canada (home base), Eastern Canada, USA
Skating since:
Country: Canada


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