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I have been playing roller derby since January 2010. I fell in love with the sport and the community. For the past 9 years I have skated with Amsterdam Roller Derby, which was the first league in the Netherlands. I was a skater and co-captain for team Netherlands at the past two Roller Derby World Cups. Last year I skated with Bear City Roller Derby (Berlin, Germany) and competed with their A-team at WFTDA playoffs in Atlanta.

When I started skating, it was in the “early days” of roller derby in the Netherlands, when we were learning from YouTube and whomever would come and teach us things. I started coaching pretty early on and I’ve been one of our main league coaches for around 8 years. But I got really active when I started coaching our b-team. I coached them for 4,5 years. Outside my own league, I started coaching mostly other Dutch leagues at first, but I really got a love for coaching and expended outside of my own country. I’ve been coaching bootcamps and training sessions all over Europe and even a few in the USA. I also coached the Dutch National Men’s team during the first World Cup.


Book a STEAKS Camp with Furrrocious to learn the following:
  • Blocker skills (technical, tactical and strategical skills).
  • Muscle engagement and how to use this in roller derby




Pronouns: She/Her
Blocker, Coach
Coaching radius: Europe
Skating since: 2010
Country: Netherlands


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