Steaks Crew


A community of hella smart athletes.

What makes our STEAKS CREW special


Our sponsored athletes come from all kinds of different backgrounds, but they have one thing in common: they all inspire us! Some are well-known world-class athletes skating for top teams, others are highly involved as active national or international coaches, and some simply have awe-inspiring creative skating skills. Together they form our STEAKS CREW.


STEAKS Crew members are always pushing forward: they push themselves towards constant personal improvement, they push and revolutionise their sport through creativity and they push others by inspiring them to push and challenge themselves.


Our Crew’s motivation is their passion for their sport. These athletes are not paid to play. They do what they do because they love it: training, inspiring others, pushing boundaries–all while holding down full-time jobs.

What makes STEAKS® the best brand on the market is our involvement in the sports we produce for. Our sponsored skaters are a huge part of that because they test and help us improve our products and even inspire new developments.

Find out who these athletes are when we announce our 2019 STEAKS Crew shortly.

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