STEAKS Crew / Shredders

I learned to rollerskate 4 years ago after watching a game. A few months in, and before I had passed my minimum skills, some of my new Bristol Roller Derby teammates invited me to the skate park. None of us knew what we were doing 🤷‍♀️ but I did know it was fun and another chance to spend time on skates. Since then I’ve never looked back!

Personal highlights include:

💥 Watching ramp skating EXPLODE in the past few years and being there for the beginning of CiB Bristol.
😍 Getting to practice flipping with Estro Jen, what a babe!
🏅 Skating with Lady Trample and Bomba Hache on multiple occasions (hey when you coming back to the UK?)
🤝 Meeting so many amazing humans in the skate park and getting to travel more because of it.
🎓 Helping 30 skaters learn to drop-in in the same coaching session, they blew my mind.

I’ve also learned I have an AMAZING capacity to bruise…especially on my butt and thighs…which is why the full crash pants are my absolute all-time favourite bit of STEAKS kit. Despite throwing myself around like an absolute loon, my bruising days seem to be behind me.



Pronouns: She/Her
Ramp & Bowls skating
Skating since:
Country: UK


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Claire's Favourite Steaks Products

MXLOUD_STEAKS_Pro-Top_80s_protective_padded_womens_top_rollerderbySTEAKS Pro Top, protective top for women in full contact and action sports with sternum and rib protection in the limited edition MX LOUD print 80s ExcellenceQuick View
$ 155,99 (incl. VAT)
  • EUR: € 119.99
  • AUD: $ 188.86
  • GBP: £105.92
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STEAKS Full Crash Shorts, low-profile protective crash shorts for women with removable low-profile tailbone (coccyx), hip bone, hip side and thigh protection, front view, size smallSteaksCatalog_FullCrash02-closeup02Quick View
$ 194,87 (incl. VAT)
  • EUR: € 149.90
  • AUD: $ 235.93
  • GBP: £132.32
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