Bee A Baracus

Sales Athlete for: Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Bee A Baracus has been in love with roller derby since 2012. Her home team are the Munich Rolling Rebels. She also skated for Team Germany as a team captain at the 2018 Roller Derby World Cup. She is heavily involved in the sport as a coach for her home team as well as other leagues around Europe. She has been a member of the STEAKS CREW since 2016 and has gotten to know our products very well during this time.

If you are based in central Europe and are looking for an amazing, upbeat coach who knows how to motivate a team, give her a ring or simply hit her up as your local STEAKS sales rep.

Contact details

Email: beea (@)

Planned Events

Request an ???? event via mail!

Are you an active skater or coach ready for a new challenge?

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