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Reversible Helmet Covers

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  • Product Details
    Design & Technology

    Reversible Helmet Covers for Roller Derby

    Fully reversible pivot and jammer helmet covers in the same custom vibrant colours as your uniforms. Easy to put on, hard to fall off!

    Helmet covers are only available within a team Team Uniform Tops and/or Bottoms order. The displayed price is valid for customized follow-up orders or 2 cover sets minimum for first-time customized orders. Download our STEAKS® Team Uniforms PDF Catalogue.

    Ready to order?

    Request your STEAKS® Team Uniform offer by sending an email to

  • High-Performance Fabrics
    Safe and soft OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

    Skin-Friendly, Velcro-Repellent, Sweat-Wicking Fabric

    All of our materials are made in Europe and are certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for harmful substances. The tests for harmful substances cover legally banned and controlled substances, chemicals known to be harmful to health (but not yet legally controlled) and parameters for health protection. Taken in their entirety, the requirements go far beyond existing national legislation. Find out more about the testing process at

    Stretchable material used for tops and accessories

    • Products: Curve Cut Vests, Straight Cut Vests, Cuve Cut T-Shirt, Straight Cut T-Shirt, Basketball Vests, Sublimated Crash Pants, Sublimated Shin Guards,Reversible Helmet Covers
    • Material composition: 83% PES (polyester) 17% EL (LYCRA™)
    • Fabric Weight: 195gr/m2
    • Durable: tested durable against velcro with Stockholm Roller Derby

    Non-stretchable material used for tops

    • Products: Straight Cut Vests, Straight Cut T-Shirt, Basketball Vests
    • Material composition: 100% PES (polyester)
    • Fabric Weight: 150gr/m2
    • Durable: tested durable against velcro with Victorian Roller Derby

    Non-stretchable material for Basketball Shorts

    • Material composition: 100% PES (polyester)
    • Fabric Weight: 280gr/m2

    Stretchable material used for black Crash Pants

    • Material composition: 77% PES, 22% Lycra™
  • Team Services
    Services to help streamline your order.

    Fitting Sets

    Try on and feel our uniform tops before you purchase! We offer full-size range fitting sets for various uniform top styles as well as individual fitting sets – starting at a 40€ deposit.


    Print & Design Samples

    Preview your design in real life before you commit! We offer free miniature print samples as well as ready-made jerseys in your final design (40€ + shipping) to ensure colour correctness.

    • Design Sample: a ready-made team uniform top in your new design. - 40€ + shipping, 6-8 weeks production time.
    • Free Print Sample: your design is printed on a small piece of your new uniform fabric. - 2 weeks of production time.


    Design Service

    We can help turn your ideas into reality! We will design your individual outfit in close collaboration with you. The best part? You own the finished design. – 65€/h

    Contact to inquire or request any of our team services.

  • Sizing
    Up to 14 sizes with sizing tips for all genders

    Products and size ranges

    Our STEAKS® Team Uniform Collection is available in the following size ranges:

    • Uniform Tops: 7-9 sizes (depending on the style), ranging from XS - 5XL
    • Uniform Basketball Shorts: 7 sizes, ranging from XS - 3XL
    • Uniform Crash Pants: X sizes, ranging from XS - 3XL
    • Shin Guards: 2 sizes in the ranges S-M and L-XL

    To find your correct size, download the STEAKS® Team Uniform PDF Catalogue which includes size guides and product measurements.

    Further, our size guide section on our Customer Care page can help your team members figure out their individual sizes.

  • Care Instructions
    STEAKS® Team Uniforms Collection

    Follow these care instructions for longer lasting Team Uniforms

    local_laundry_service Wash

    Wash at a maximum of 40°C, any solvent but trichloroethylene (symbol P in a circle)

    checkroom Dry

    Do not tumble dry.

    iron Iron

    Iron cool (max 110° C).

    warning No, Nos

    No bleaching.


    Follow the care instructions for our Contact Wear Collection if you are ordering Team Uniform Crash Pants.

  • Order process time
    How long will production take?

    Order process time for Team Uniforms

    Quick Timeplan Overview

    • First-time orders: 12 weeks if the design is delivered, includes a uniform top print sample
    • Full-Service first-time orders:16 weeks includes STEAKS® design service and uniform top design sample
    • Follow up orders: 8 weeks

    Check out a detailed time plan in our Order Processing and Payment section.

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