STEAKS® Contact Wear Athlete and Team Sponsoring

We believe ALL athletes are MVPs and deserve our support, no matter their age, their colour, their country of origin or how many followers they have on social media.

We sponsor indivual athletes in full-contact and action sports.

Our STEAKS® Crw consists of athletes and teams from all over the world that push their sport forward in many ways - be it by educating, inspiring or creativity.

They are the reason we keep developing new products. Products that keep up with their needs. They help us test our ideas and prototypes and work out the kinks.

If you think you are just as passionate about what you love to do most - then contact us today!

No matter if you play roller derby, park, ramp or street skate, bike, play rugby or football, ski, snowboard, surf or lift, we would love to hear your story.

Tell us about yourself or your team and why you think we should sponsor you. We review applications yearly, starting October. Send yours to