High-Performance Fabrics

Safe and soft OEKO-TEX® Standard 100

Skin-Friendly, Velcro-Repellent, Sweat-Wicking Fabric

All of our materials are made in Europe and are certified with OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 for harmful substances. The tests for harmful substances cover legally banned and controlled substances, chemicals known to be harmful to health (but not yet legally controlled) and parameters for health protection. Taken in their entirety, the requirements go far beyond existing national legislation. Find out more about the testing process at www.oeko-tex.com

Stretchable material used for tops and accessories

  • Products: Curve Cut Vests, Straight Cut Vests, Cuve Cut T-Shirt, Straight Cut T-Shirt, Basketball Vests, Sublimated Crash Pants, Sublimated Shin Guards,Reversible Helmet Covers
  • Material composition: 83% PES (polyester) 17% EL (LYCRA™)
  • Fabric Weight: 195gr/m2
  • Durable: tested durable against velcro with Stockholm Roller Derby

Non-stretchable material used for tops

  • Products: Straight Cut Vests, Straight Cut T-Shirt, Basketball Vests
  • Material composition: 100% PES (polyester)
  • Fabric Weight: 150gr/m2
  • Durable: tested durable against velcro with Victorian Roller Derby

Non-stretchable material for Basketball Shorts

  • Material composition: 100% PES (polyester)
  • Fabric Weight: 280gr/m2

Stretchable material used for black Crash Pants

  • Material composition: 77% PES, 22% Lycra™