About STEAKS® Contact Wear

Female Founded by athletes for athletes

STEAKS® was founded in 2014 by a skater and founding member of Lahti Roller Derby Suvi Alalantela (aka Ysi Musta #9). As a designer for motorcycle gear, she saw potential in protective apparel in roller derby, which was quickly outgrowing its hot pants and fishnet beginnings and turning into a highly competitive full-contact sport.

In 2018 she teamed up with Jennifer Moss and Mari Silvennoinen to found STEAKS® Contact Wear Oy. Since then STEAKS® Contact Wear has become THE household name in roller derby for smart, functional and fashionable protection and is now on its path to enable female athletes in all action and full-contact sports to do what they love most without fear of getting hurt.

A painting from the early years of STEAKS®.

What’s up with the name? Aren't steaks something we eat?

STEAKS® is an anagram of the word “skates”, which made it the perfect name for the brand as our origin sport (roller derby) would be forever rooted in our name.

Additionally, it was a perfect metaphor as our muscles are meat that we as athletes work hard to build up. Our muscles enable us to perform the many incredible things our bodies are capable of. STEAKS® products add an extra layer of meat between the athlete and the source of impact, providing protection for the athlete and enabling them to perform with extra confidence.

In case you are vegan or an animal rights activist, there is no need to worry: STEAKS® are vegan! We love animals and are against animal cruelty.