Product FAQ / Tops

For tops, it is best to choose the size based on the under-breast measurement. If you are clearly in between sizes we recommend the following, when choosing the size of your top contact wear:

  • Sizes XS-M/L: take the bigger size.
  • Sizes M/L and up: take the smaller size.

The Pro Top is sewn double-layered and has a built-in sports bra with light cups, protecting your sternum and ribs. The Smackanawa Vest does not include a sports bra, meaning that — depending on your size — you will need to wear one underneath. In addition to the sternum and rib protection, the Smackanawa offers protection for your collarbone. Check our top comparison list for more details.

We can produce our tops in any size but this will include a customised pattern, which will make the top a bit more costly. If this is not a problem for you, do not hesitate to contact us with your measurements at steaks (at) Find out how to measure in the sizing section on our General FAQ page.

We are constantly developing new products, but this process is costly and might take as long as 8-16 weeks. If you don’t mind the long wait, do not hesitate to contact us with your measurements and requirements at steaks (at)

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