Sally Broyeur #72

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I’m Sally Broyeur, I stared playing roller derby since six in 2010 with the Paris RollerGirls in France and still skate with them. I have also skated and trained with l’Equipe de France (Team France) since 2013 and am involved in Team France (men’s roller derby) as a blocker coach since early 2016 and will be with the team and staff at the next men’s world cup in Barcelona. I used to head coach for Paris RollerGirls (season 2016-2017) and for Panam Squad (jan2015-feb2017).

I love the strategies, interactions and emotions which roller derby brings to me since years. I like discovering new ways to play or drills, being curious, hard worker and mind opened is the best way to grow as a skater. I also coach bootcamps and trainings on demand. Hit me up on Facebook!

Other activities I love: powerlifting and photography

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