Rogue Runner #22

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Rogue Runner #22 has been skating for six years and the last four with London Rollergirls travel team London Brawling and has also played on the roster for Team England at both the 2011 and 2014 World Cups. Rogue skates as a primary jammer for both teams and she looks forward to this season with London Brawling. She is also working on building her Roller Derby Fitness business, researching into science behind the sport and the best way to train for it. You can follow her progress at and pick yourself up some great tips and advice.

“As a jammer I often take big hits to the sternum and ribs. After tournament weekend I often find my ribs are off so I really feel a need for some extra protection in those areas. I also get dead legs from running into the hips of blockers, when driving through walls. So I really appreciate extra protection on the thigh area.”

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