Nina Erwes #28

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I started playing roller derby in autumn 2010 and my home team has always been Helsinki Roller Derby. And I have been the captain of the Helsinki All-Stars captain in the seasons 2012-2017.
I skated for the Finnish national team and was their captain in 2014 and will skate with them again in 2018.

In addition I regularly coach bootcamps in Europe. Other lifetime deals are snowboarding and crossfit/crosstraining.
Fun facts:

  • Out of control little finger; sticking always upright when I’m focused on track. This inherited from my father, who was a big time basketball player when younger, having his pinky always pointing up.
  • Very skillful in making up words in roller derby game play (and in life generally), usually a mixup of Finnish-Spanish-English-Swedish.
  • Power animal is whale, snack name by the team is Ninanas (I love ananas, sometimes I even look like ananas).
  • Human selfie stick with my long arms, I can always fit everyone in a team selfie.

Nina was also a featured skater on in 2016.

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