Mr.Furieux #13

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I’m from a big family, I came number 5 out of 8 children. My parents and siblings were all right handed but not me, and I’m saying it because I think that has some kind of importance in the way I am today.

I have practiced a lot of different sports and activities before falling for roller derby: cycling, gymnastics, quite a few martial arts or combat sports such as judo, boxing, taekwondo, and many many more different hobbies of all kind (sometimes mechanics, sometimes knitting or sewing, juggling, playing nunchakus and slingshots…).
I think all of my hobbies increased my body awareness and knowledge on the influence of motion: how force is applied to something and how it will react to the applied force. So all of these activities have shaped me as an athlete.

Roller derby was my first attempt at skating. I began in Feb 2011 in Toulouse, France. And I’m not planning on stopping anytime soon. Too much is still to learn especially in the skating.

After moving a lot between London and Toulouse, I eventually settled in Blagnac (Toulouse’s sub) with my lovely wife and our pets Hercule and Maddie, a rabbit and dog and now skate for Roller Derby Toulouse & Team France.

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