Maurine Filip #11

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Maurine #11 has been playing for Stockholm Roller Derby Allstars since 2015, the year the team qualified for the WFTDA D1 playoffs for the first time. She started her derby adventure in a small league in the north of Sweden, and a couple of months with Dublin Roller Derby in Ireland. After a short period as a blocker on the Stockholm Roller Derby Allstars, Maurine put on the star.

When not on track scoring points, she can be found officiating, coaching juniors, in board-meetings, or traveling to coach leagues all around Europe. With a disposition for a big-picture-perspective of the sport, she enjoys being involved in various aspects of it. She loves to travel and meet derby people from all over.

With a masters in Psychology, she spends her non-derby time working mainly with sports- and organisational psychology. She’s helped individual skaters, teams, and leagues with different challenges they have been facing. Maurine has been found holding workshops and seminars at both the European Derby Organizational Conference (EROC) and Euro Derby Con (EDC).

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