Lorrae Evans #20

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“I’ve been wearing steaks since 2015 and wouldn’t compete without it!”

Lorrae has played roller derby all over the world. She began skating in 2010 with Perth, Australia. Since then she has travelled and played for Helsinki Roller Derby and the London Rollergirls. In 2014 Lorrae played for Team England Roller Derby and played with London Brawling at WFTDA playoffs and Champs. She currently skates with Victorian Roller Derby League, who was the first non-US team to take home the Hydra in 2017, after winning gold at playoffs in Tuscon 2015, bronze in WFTDA champs in Minnesota 2015 and in WFTDA Champs 2016 in Portland.

Lorrae’s Derby Highlights
+ Joining VRDL in 2015 and working towards perfection with the All Stars. We train so hard and it truly is the most rewarding environment as a skater. I am surrounded by incredibly talented and creative people and I love it!
+ Winning gold at the 2017 WFTDA Championships with VRDL.
+ Earning a place on Team Australia, and being voted in as captain.
+ Earning bronze at the 2015 and 2016 WFTDA Championships with VRDL.
+ Skating at the 2014 and placing silver with Team England Roller Derby.
+ Captaining Helsinki Roller Derby league in 2012.
+ Coaching all around the world and meeting the best people.


STEAKS® products Lorrae wears: