Lil’hit #242

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I’m Lil’hit, I discovered roller derby in 2014 with the Namur Roller Girls and I am playing in the A team which is currently ranked 31th in Europe.
As I started in 2014 as a freshmeat, I joined the B-team one year later and after that I quickly became part of the A team as main jammer. My go-getter spirit allowed me to prove that I had my place in the all-star team and that my teammates could count on me.
I’m mainly jammer but I also have fun with being pivot and play offense for my jammer. I’ve never had serious injuries but I often get very painful bruising. That’s why I looked for the best gear to protect my little buttock and be stronger against big hit and that is when I found STEAKS.

Besides playing derby, I love to make contact with teams to organize games, watch games live or on streaming and bake delicious pastries.
What I love in roller derby is being part of a big family, team spirit, fair play and pushing my own limits.

STEAKS® products Lil’hit wears: