Jenna CROS #12

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Hello I’m Jenna,
I’ve been playing for Nothing Toulouse for 6 years, entering my 7th. I am also skating for Team France in my second season.
I coach during the time I’m not playing. I bench coach for our local men’s team “Toulouse Quad Guards” and the Men’s Team France.
All of this being happily married to my super husband, who walks with me in all of our adventures on and off tracks. I like to sing and laugh really loud and make strange bird noises while at training.

I am both defensive and offensive blocker, which allows me to wear the pivot stripe from time to time. I needed confidence in my body abilities to start playing offense, that’s when I began using upper body padding. But the items I found were meant to be used for rugby, were bulky and not really shaped for my body nor felt nice underneath my jersey. So when Nina Erwes from Helsinki Roller Derby introduced me to her super padded top with a super fun name; I knew I had to give it a shot. And here I am, years later, still wearing one of my steaks top during every single training and game. Steaks have become part of my derby routine, and my body and confidence are really grateful for that!

I also wear the great Steaks shorts that, beside being really comfy and sweat free, are pretty flattering on your booty shape.


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