Helly Monster #3

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After playing 7 seasons with the Nantes Derby Girls All-Star team “The Duchesses” as a blocker, I chose to spend this year with our Rec league and to develop jammer skills without pressure 🙂

I also fell in love with skating in skateparks, and wearing the Steaks shorts makes me more confident and helps me to feel secure (and believe me, when you fall on the ramp, the butt directly on the coping, you’re very happy to wear this shorts ^^).
(OH, and I also use the compression short,with no padding, to do my workout, because it’s soOo comfy).

Half time on a track, half time on a ramp, each time wearing Steaks 😉
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STEAKSŸ products Helly wears:


Photo credit: Stéphane Faraut Photography