Betty Burp #17

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I’ve been skating since summer 2012, in one of the first born team in Italy named Alp’n Rockets RD (Bolzano). In my childhood I have been doing several sports without finding the one that really suited me but with RD has been love at first sight.
This sport is for me a continuous challange to push myself beyond my limits and to learn everyday new things.
Actually I’m still playing in my small team, but beside it I also skate with Harpies RD Milano, Baloney Ponies (a central European exhibition team).

Since 2016 I’m a skater of the Team Italy and coach / Line Up Manager of the male Team Italy.
I started looking for a professional and valuable equipment but unfotunately before taking my buy decision I got injuried.
Due to the surgery I had to step out of RD for a long period and going back on track was scary, but with my Steaks “armour” I found my self-confidence again.

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