Andre Morson #256

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I’ve been playing roller derby since 2011…two seasons with Pioneer Valley’s Dirty Dozen, three seasons with Ottawa’s Slaughter Squad, a member of 2016 and 2018 Team Canada, and I’m currently skating with Chinook City’s Glenmore Reservoir Dogs.

Since I moved to Ottawa, I began my coaching career, too, mentoring and helping new and experienced skaters become better athletes and teammates. I also apprenticed with Dawn Cherry at Neon Skates, learning the fine art of skate building and repair…most importantly, learning how to help out even more in the derby community!

My goals in derby are, first and foremost, to have fun…but competition is fierce and I aim to play and train hard! Steaks lets me focus on the game!

Skating has been in my nature since I was very young, whether playing street hockey with friends as a teen, or arriving to University classes on my skates in a sweat. The only slight disruption I had was when I was literally hit by a truck in the summer of 2013…on my skates…going to buy laces…

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Photo credit: Pappa Razzo