Hello World! We are back!

We are back with a new, improved website and are excited to start the STEAKS® Contact Wear post-pandemic chapter. In a world without contact the need for Contact Wear is limited. This had some downsides for sales but the upside was the time we were given to improve our business. We have spent the pandemic optimizing our website and slimming down the Contact Wear Collection to make space for the new products we have been developing and testing. We will be introducing those new products in the weeks and months to come but before that, we have a few changes to announce. First thing’s first...

General focus changes of STEAKS® Contact Wear

Change #1 - Fully focussing on womxn athletes

As a small company, we have limited resources. We have therefore decided to focus on product development for the womxn athletes to better utilize the resources available to us and produce the best products we can for a group of athletes whose options for quality protective wear is still mostly located in the children's aisle or the small men’s section and therefor still ill-fitting.

This is our path for now. It will stay our path until we grow our business to a size that will enable us to serve a larger group of athletes. Because we still believe that every athlete is the MVP and deserves the best protection to do what they love most without fear.

Time to fly to new heights - STEAKS® Contact Wear is aiming to enhance the womxn athlete’s experience in ALL full-contact and action sports. @Marko Niemelä

Change #2 - Focussing on all full-contact and action sports

In the last few years before the pandemic hit, athletes from other full-contact and action sports other than Roller Derby started wearing our products. First the ramp, park & street skaters discovered us, then the DH and Enduro Bikers, as well as Muay Thai fighters. During the pandemic, we had the time to reassess our Contact Wear Collection and spoke with athletes from all kinds of sports.

This information has helped us during the production of our new products but has also influenced the design of our new website. You can now filter our collection to see what Contact Wear products are suitable for your sport. If you have friends outside of the skating community who play rugby, football (soccer), are MT bikers, snowboard, ice skate, power lift, or do martial arts please help spread the word. Because they too should be able to do what they love most without fear in well-fitting protective apparel. Check out our entire Contact Wear Collection.

Product range changes of STEAKS® Contact Wear

Change #3 - The Smackanwa Vest x 9 - we are growing our size range.

While we can already offer the models of our Crash Pants Collection in 14 sizes (XS/EU34 - EU60) we still had work to do for our Protective Tops. In our effort to be more size-inclusive, we have been able to add two additional sizes to our popular Smackanawa Vest size range.

The Smackanawa Vest is now available in 9 sizes (XS/EU34 - 4XL/EU50). It offers low-profile impact protection for the sternum, ribs and collar bones. It’s the ideal protective vest to wear as part of your outfit or as an underlayer for Roller Derby, MT Biking, Rugby, Powerlifting and Snowboarding.

Our Contact Wear Collection works best with an excellent fit as the impact material is then placed right where you need it to be. This means being able to offer additional sizes within our size range is always connected to additional work, prototyping and therefore expenses. A challenge for us as a small company. But a challenge we are willing to accept. So if you are missing a size, please talk to us and let us know. If enough people request sizes we will be able to expand our range as demands rise.

We added 2 additional sizes to the Smackanawa Vest size range. @Marko Niemelä

Change #4 - 15 additional cm for Flesh Diamond Shorts

If you managed to snag one of the Flesh Diamond Shorts in the Limited Edition MXLOUD prints you might have noticed that your shorts had a longer leg length. You loved the length so we kept it. We are happy to announce that we can now offer our popular crash pant model with removable coccyx protection in two lengths. Our classic model has a short leg length (5cm/5.9 inch) and the new model has a midi leg length (20cm/7.9 inch). The length is measured from the crotch in size S-M/EU38.

We have added 15cm/5.9 inches to our Flesh Diamond Shorts (includes removable coccyx protection).

Change #5 - 2 Protective Team Uniform Tops

There are a few changes to our Team Uniform Collection. For one, our new site enables us to display our Team Uniform Collection in all the glory it deserves. In addition, we have assessed the Collection and are now ready to offer our unique collection to teams playing rugby and football as well as MTB athletes. But the changes don’t stop there. We have added 2 new models to our Uniform Top Collection. You now have the choice of 7 different models that you can combine to create your cohesive team uniform without having to compromise on individual body sizes, types and wishes of your team members. The best part: our new Uniform Tops offer the same reliable antimicrobial impact protection as our Contact Wear Collection.

The Puzzle Full Armour Shirt and the Shank Tank are now available as part of our Team Uniforms Collection. Within our Team Uniform Collection, we have given them new names. The Puzzle Full Armour Shirt is known as The Wall Breaker Protective T-Shirt and the Shank Tank is called The Tackle Protective Top.

So instead of layering your team jersey on top of your protective underlayer and risking overheating, you can now have 2 in 1 - protection in team colours! Check out our entire Team Uniform Collection.

2 in 1: upper body protection is now available in team colours. @Marko Niemelä

Out with the old!

Unfortunately, our new focus means we decided to discontinue some of our products. This has given us the necessary room, which helped us add sizes, models and length to some of our product ranges as well as work on new products.

We said goodbye to our Crash Pants made explicitly for the male body. We also bid farewell to the Deadlegs Crash Pants. If you are looking for thigh protection we recommend you check out our Full Crash Pants. Another service we discontinued is the production the Custom Crash Shorts. We will have an alternative solution for you in the near future. Finally, we are also clearing out most products of the Athletic and Streetwear Collection. Help us make room for our new ideas! If you purchase 20€ worth of the Athletic & Streetwear products on sale and add a STEAKS® Beanie to your order - it will be absolutely free! Head to the Athletic & Streetwear Collection.