Finnish Muay Thai fighter Laressa Van Emden had broken a rib during training and was keen on testing the STEAKS® Pro Top in an upcoming fight. Laressa has fought in Finland and abroad, earning one gold and two silver medals from the Finnish Championships, and gold from World Cup 2015. Her home club is Lahti Thaiboxing Club, LTBC.

Last December she fought against Russian Daria Chelznyak, the K-1 kickboxing double champion both in Russia and in the World Cup.
After her fight, we caught up with Laressa to ask for her feedback. She said the STEAKS® Pro Top was firm but comfortable, did not restrict movements at all, kept her breasts in place, and overall was the best top ever. She has said she will continue to use it in future fights! 

Laressa van Emden wearing the tradional Mongkong, © Aki Heinonen



What is Muay Thai?

Muay Thai is an ancient martial art. Some ceremonial habits as well as “Sarama'' music are still part of today's sport. Before the fight, both fighters wear their gyms’ traditional mongkhon, which is sort of a crown that the fighter cannot touch herself. The mongkhon is placed on the athlete’s head and taken away by others. In the west, most fighters only do short rituals instead of the longer traditional dance.


The fights are judged by technique instead of just beating the shit out of the opponent by force. This is a sport that requires great physics and mind control!


Outside the ring, Laressa is a kind soul who loves yoga and ice swimming with grannies.


Watch Laressa’s fight on YouTube