Did you know you can even pick up your favourite STEAKS® product at local skate shops? Even though we sell our products online we have teamed up with retailers worldwide, because nothing beats personal customer service from people who know what they are talking about. We trust our retailers to get you perfectly fitted in your favourite STEAKS® Contact Wear product.

To celebrate our relationship with our retailers we are starting a new series called #supportyourlocalskateshop in which we will be introducing our retailers and their unique shops. Uniqueness – another trait small businesses do best! The first shop we are introducing is Lucky Skates from Perth in Western Australia. Lucky Skates was founded in 2013 by owners Minnie Screwdriver and PT Bruza, who were also founding members of Perth Roller Derby.


Say hello 👋 to Lucky Skates founders and owners: Minnie Screwdriver and PT Bruza ©Lucky Skates


How and by whom was your Luck Skates founded?

We both (Minnie Screwdriver and PT Bruza) discovered roller derby in 2008 and became founding members of Perth Roller Derby in Western Australia. In 2010 we started a roller derby magazine called “Hit & Miss Roller Derby Magazine” and in 2013 we decided to open Lucky Skates. Lucky Skates started as a roller skate and roller derby specific store but we have grown to include inlines and street roller hockey gear as well.


Your shop caters to different sports: roller derby, inline hockey, ramp and jam skating. What is the skating scene in Perth like?

Perth is a pretty isolated city but we have amazing weather, amazing cycle paths and some great roller rinks. There are also lots of skate parks, a strong street roller hockey scene and outdoor skating groups which means there are loads of opportunities to skate indoors and outdoors. The skating scene in Perth is growing, which is cool.


Do you think local skate shops help foster a healthy skate culture in cities?

Absolutely! Local skate shops provide all the things we wish were around when we first started like real-world advice, skater knowledge and gear that you can try on before you buy. Being able to access a local skate shop also means that when you’re itching for new skates you can come in and get them. And if you have any trouble or skate emergencies you can get replacement parts or gear.


Lucky Skates – a colourful spot on Beaufort St, Inglewood, Perth, Australia ©Lucky Skates


You also have a super helpful blog! Can you tell us more about it?

Thank you! We try to answer the most common questions that our customers and we ourselves are asking. We also have some great friends, employees and customers that write for us which we are thankful for.


How would you describe the vibe at your shop?

Good Vibes Forever! Haha, we have a pretty amazing gold glitter floor and an awesome unicorn mural by local artist Peche. We try to keep it feeling bright, summery and fresh in the store.


“Glitter and Unicorns”! Tell us more!

This perfectly describes our aesthetic. Who doesn’t love glitter and unicorns? Boring people, that’s who. Unicorns and glitter are fun and fancy which we all aspire to be, right?


What sort of ideas, values and ethics is your shop based on?

We are proudly skater owned and operated and for us, that means honesty, integrity and taking pride in what we do. We want to help skaters find the best skates and products that suit their purpose and personality.


Unique shopping at Lucky Skates with glitter and unicorns – a mural by local artist Peche ©Lucky Skates


What do you look for in a brand that you carry?

When we look for new brands to stock we are looking for good quality products that do what they say they will do. Basically, we want to stock products that we would use ourselves and we have found that that is usually a pretty good benchmark for what is good and what is not.


Do you host special events at or through the shop?

Sure! In the past, we have run bearing cleaning and skate maintenance nights, sale events, a skate park night, pop-up shops, skate fitness classes in a leotard, dance sessions on a pop-up rink, you name it. We have done a lot of fun and random events.


What can the local skate community do to support their local shops and scene?

Shop local and support small businesses because without local customers there are no local stores. Shopping local and buying from a small business also includes perks that you cannot get elsewhere such as bespoke fittings, advice, servicing, fun times, friendship and banter. A lot of our customers make friends in-store or at a group skating event and it is nice to watch these relationships blossom. Respecting each other and the spaces where we skate – at skate parks, rinks or even outdoors – is also key to keeping and maintaining good vibes within the skating community. We have already seen a lot of crossover between the different skating groups which is pretty great.


Visit the Lucky Skates Shop:

839 Beaufort St
Inglewood WA 6052