A lot of work goes into the creation of our Contact Wear Collection. Instead of designing, producing and dropping new products in a fast-paced manner, we make sure all details are perfect before releasing something new. Our process: research, design, prototype, revise until perfect. Only then do we release. Our goal: design products that are made to last.

Products that are made to last can be replaced less frequently, making them better for the environment. But that is only half the battle. In our opinion, it also needs to be repairable to be more sustainable.

This is why we have created the STEAKS® Mending Heart - DIY Repair Patch🖤🩹. A small heart-shaped black patch which enables you to repair whatever damage your sport has done to your Contact Wear.

Accidents happen when you are busy learning to fly!


While our OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified material is sturdy and even velcro-repellent, harsher surfaces such as unpolished or ruff concrete can still cause damage. We love our Contact Wear Collection and would hate to see it ditched because of small holes. Small holes that were created because you had the confidence to try something absolutely new and then ate it!

Worry less about the outcome of your daredevilish activities with the Mending Heart - DIY Repair Patch.


The STEAKS® Mending Heart - DIY Repair Patch is designed to help you mend holes in STEAKS® Contact Wear products. 🖤🩹 

It is made from exactly the same OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 certified material as our Contact Wear Collection so the mend will be nearly invisible.

The best part? It is super easy! Simply iron on and done!

Patch measurements: 75mm high x 85mm wide

PS: Even though we offer this solution we still highly recommend wearing a pair of jean shorts or shorts from other robust materials over your STEAKS® Crash Pants when hitting the outdoors and skate parks.

Get your Mendind Heart 🖤🩹 - DIY Repair Patch today: