As COVID-19 sweeps the globe, it seems like life as we know it has come to a complete halt. While the daily-lives of some of our global STEAKS® family have changed quite drastically by the current events, the core STEAKS® team has been able to continue work nearly unaffected. The reason for this being partially luck, partially due to company values and partially because of how we were forced to set up our company.

We got lucky! We can offer business as usual on

Our stockroom is located in Finland, a country currently only mildly affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Numbers of cases are low and only one greater restriction has been put into place by the government: the shutdown of the Uusimaa region around Helsinki on March 25. The shutdown restricts movement between the region and the rest of Finland and does not affect us.

We just moved our Finnish headquarters and stockroom from Lahti to Tampere in February of this year. The time since the move has been too short to scout a suitable stockroom outside of Suvi’s home office, who runs logistics. So by chance, we can keep running the webshop and send out orders, while ensuring the safety of Suvi and limiting the risk of contamination or spread.

The current STEAKS® Contact Wear storage

Our short supply chains will enable us to keep production running

STEAKS® has made the decision to source our materials in Europe and keep production in Europe. While many European countries are currently being hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic our production is currently not affected. We have been able to stock up on sufficient materials in the last few weeks and hope to keep building and growing this business with our suppliers and business partners from all over Europe, when all this is over.
The most important updates come first in STEAKS® team meetings: how are the pets doing today?

The new work-life – has been our way of life for years

With large parts of the working world still adjusting to the new situation, moving their daily-business into remote offices and their meetings online – we have been working this way for years. We are a very small company – a start-up really – that has always consisted of a remote team.

Suvi and Mari work from different locations in Finland, while Rhonda works from Germany. Our newest team member Pale, who joined us in March is also located in their own location in Helsinki, Finland. Our meetings have always taken place online and our communication and servers have always been in the cloud. The current events have no effect on our teamwork.

As Pale has a medical background, they have been called upon by the Finnish government to help in the current situation. They have shut down their brick and mortar storefront of Jam in the Box and will also not have the time to commit to their work with STEAKS® during this time. Pale will return the team after all of this is over and will continue to be the contact person for retailers and roller derby teams. Until then Suvi will be your contact. If you want to support Pale you can still continue purchasing your skate equipment from Outdoor skating – by yourself or in safe distance to another person – is still something you can do during these times.

Spread Affection Not Infection ❤️😷

This does not mean that we are not feeling the effects of the current pandemic. We are! Sales are obviously down but we are confident that we will be able to survive this and we are not worrying about sales numbers too much at the moment because we think there are more important things to currently care about. That brings us to our final message and plea. Even if it feels like the world has been turned upside down, stay present, stay hopeful and stay strong, because this too shall pass.

OK Go’s Rube Goldberg Machine video Version of “This too shall pass”

Take care of yourself

If you are used to training several times a week, being stuck indoors or in small apartments can make you feel like a caged animal. Stay active and keep those endorphin rushes coming. Use the energy you have and select one of the many online workout options currently shared and provided – by local trainers or coaches from your community. It is the perfect time to try out new stuff and create a challenge for yourself that is somewhat out of the box. If you are the creative type – get those creative juices flowing and create something new and share it with your community. You might make someone smile. Stay connected and meet up with your friends and peers online! A private and intimate night at the Skype Bar with your bestie can be just as fun as an organized hangout that your league or people from the skating community are currently organizing. Eat well, eat healthily! Be safe and follow the recommended health and safety recommendations in your area! Be sure to catch some sun rays, even if the only way you can achieve this is by leaning on a window sill.

Take care of others

That new person that just moved to town, that coworker who has expressed fear of the current events, that friend or family member that has a “system-relevant or essential job”: contact them, spend some extra time listening to their fears, send them love letters. Let them know they are seen, heard, loved and respected.


The livelihood of many small businesses, freelancers and entrepreneurs are threatened by current events. If you can, support them by purchasing local even if the order or payment process is not as convenient as with giant corporations. Grab some takeaway food from your favourite place to eat, order that artisan chocolate you have always wanted to try, get your books, clothing and other necessities from your local stores. A lot of local brick and mortar shops have never worked online before and are now discovering an entirely new world – it is amazing to watch and be a part of! Your support will guarantee that these businesses will be around after this time comes to an end.

#SpreadAffectionNotInfection 🖤💎

Looking forward to being able to see and maybe even hug y’all again soon!