It’s been a hard few years for team sports and team sports outfitters but the WFTDA (Women’s Flat Track Derby Association) has finally seen some positive movement with roller derby leagues worldwide slowly returning back on track. The WFTDA pulled together #GearUp4Derby, a community-wide sales event with dozens of derby businesses, skate shops, and manufacturers around the world. And we are very excited to be part of it!


#GearUp4Derby Sale from November 22 to December 3 2021

Getting back to hitting people can be intimidating after such a long time. Get that extra layer of confidence and protection with our #gearUp4Derby Contact Wear Sale!

Your return to track is just around the corner! 👏 ©Marko Niemelä

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Add “GearUp4Derby-10” for a 10% discount on one Contact Wear item and “GearUp4Derby-15” for a 15% discount on two Contact Wear items during checkout. The discount is valid for all Crash Pants, Protective Sports Bras and Tops as well as STEAKS® Shinners. Check out our entire Contact Wear Collection here!


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Victorian Roller Derby in STEAKS® Team Uniforms that include Curve Cut Vests, Straight Cut Vests, The Wall Breaker Protective T-Shirts, Flesh Diamond, Basic Crash and Full Crash Shorts and Shin Guards. © Marko Niemelä

Return to the track looking your best! Get your team fitted in fully customizable, velcro repellent & sweat-wicking STEAKS® Team Uniforms - designed and made in Europe.


One design in seven styles

Create your individual team uniform by mixing and matching ANY of our fully-customizable STEAKS® Uniform Tops to suit your team members needs. Our uniform tops are gender and size-inclusive with some models available in up to 9 sizes (XS-5XL) and two of our models offer impact protection. Look stellar, feel stellar AND protect sternum, ribs, collarbones or shoulder joints.


Turn our Crash Pants into your team pants!

One thing you might not have missed during your time off track have been the bruises. Let’s keep it that way! Get your entire team fitted in STEAKS® Crash Pants. Your team can mix and match all STEAKS Crash Pants models and make them part of your team uniform - team logo included. Check out the entire collection and make your pick! 

Act fast! Team orders must be placed by December 3, 2021, to receive the discount. The discount is valid for first-time team uniform orders which requires a minimum of 10 items of Uniform Tops, Crash Pants or STEAKS® Shinners. Reversible Helmet Covers in the same colour as your uniforms can be added to Team Uniform orders.

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