The sun brought her a-game & we brought Contact Wear & balloons to Pusscamp 2020 at Sappeen Bike Park in Salmentaka, Finland. ©STEAKS® Contact Wear


We got to spend this past weekend at the amazing Puss Camp in Salmentaka (Finland). Puss Camp is a yearly 3-day event at Sappeen Bike Park for adult female riders with classes for all levels (beginners to bikers participating in races) in Enduro, Cross-country, Downhill and E-Bike Biking. Additionally, a supporting weekend program ensures that there is also fun to be had off the bike trail.

We got to mingle with all of the smiling participants. We got to watch impressive skills being learned. We got to meet some of the Puss Camp participants at our booth and where even able to do this while spending time with STEAKS® CRW member Salli Saimovaara.🖤


Our founder Suvi got to watch STEAKS® CRW member Salli Saimovaara in action! ©STEAKS® Contact Wear


Puss Camp was founded by best friends Elise Kulmala (@misssmallballs on IG) & Salla Oksanen (@salamasalla on IG). The biker scene in Finland was lacking ladies, so the two set out to change that and get more women on bikes. Because as Elise says: “biking is for everyone” – for all genders and also for all ages. Everyone can learn how to ride a bike, and the different workshops for different levels ensure everyone can have fun and be challenged. When Elisa is not organizing Puss Camp she is a photographer ( and also a bike park coach. In her coaching, she aims to get all people on bikes and teach them to not only shred but also navigate through bike parks safely!

We had great fun hanging out with you all and cannot wait for next year! Thank you for inviting us to the event!

Keep Riding! 🖤💎