My love for Roller derby started back in 2013 where I learnt to skate with the Sunstate Roller Derby. In 2014 I made the A level team and in 2015 I made the charter for Div 1. Playoffs (Dallas) as a jammer/blocker. I continued on to the next year (solely as a jammer) for Div 1. Playoffs in Montreal. In 2018 I made the final charter for the Australian Team as a Jammer and travelled to Manchester to come home with a Silver medal. Later that year I was a primary jammer for Sunstate at Atlanta Div 1 Playoffs where I received an honourable mention from the Apex (must have been the two jammer rotations I was on). The following year I made the big journey to Victorian Roller Derby where I made the All-Star charter as a jammer. We travelled to Thin- Air Throwdown and WFTDA Championships in Montreal. The All-Stars took home Bronze.

Recently I have taken on another challenge and have given birth to a little angel.

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Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Australia

Teams currently not affiliated