My love of skating started at a local roller rink back in 2010. After watching “Whip It” and finding out there was a sport that meant I could skate, I joined the first junior league in Australia, the Lil Adelaide Rollers. I started off as a very inexperienced photographer and as soon as I turned 8, “Snapperazzi” hit the track. I now skate under Snappa &/or Stockwell.

I have played and co-captained for my leagues home team Skool of Blokk & A-Team the Roller Rebels, the State team for South Australia and in 2018 Team Australia at the JRDA World Cup.

After a coccyx injury, I found STEAKS® Crash Shorts! And then in 2018 the STEAKS® Pro Top after receiving some hits to the ribs. I can’t imagine skating without them.

Some Fun Facts.

  • Potatoes are LIFE! #starchlife #foodofthegods
  • Sometimes, for no reason, I will go into a very poor Scottish accent on track (or so I am told by my teammates).
  • I break out into dance at odd times. It really is all about that bass.

Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Melbourne, Australia

Teams Victorian Roller Derby League