Teams: I skate for the Texecutioners, the Hell Marys, Team Mexico, and Team Texas. My original league was the South Texas Rolleristas, which is now RGV Bandidas.

Year you started roller derby: I started roller derby in Weslaco, Texas with the South Texas Rolleristas in late 2009. My first home team was the Fallout Brigade.

How did you get involved with roller derby? I was attending cosmetology school at the time and I wanted to go watch the new Drew Barrymore movie, “Whip It”. I finally went to see the movie and absolutely loved it, but I had never heard of roller derby. I had no idea it was a real thing. I researched roller derby and found out there was a game happening that Thursday: Fallout Brigade vs Nerdcore Harlots. I had to go check it out! During that game, I fell in love with roller derby. I immediately went to my first fresh meat practice that following Sunday.

Do you have a pre-game ritual? I like to eat a Bell Pepper or an Apple right before the game. Everyone always gives a silly look when they see me eating a giant bell pepper. I enjoy listening and dancing to fun music such as Bad Boy Bill, Pantera, Daddy Yankee, Selena, and Calle 13. Generally, I like music that relaxes my mind before a game. I like to get a good stretch in after warmups. I usually do my war paint/makeup before warmups. I like to watch a movie in Spanish to help keep my mind off derby. I always say a quick prayer to myself before the game.

Do you have a favourite motivational quote? Yes, I have a bunch of favourite quotes! “Failure will never overtake me if my determination is strong enough,” by OG Mandino. I also love all Arnold Schwarzenegger motivational quotes, including his six rules for success: 1. Trust yourself 2. Break some rules 3. Don’t be afraid to fail 4. Ignore naysayers 5. Work like hell 6. Give something back

My teams love my silly hashtags. Here are some of them that really caught on: #200% #BeastMode #FSU #TurnItUp #400% #FallDownGetUp #BAA #BeastWar

Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Austin, USA

Teams Texecutioners

Team Texas

Hell Marys

Team Mexico