Oona Roll is a skater for Rose City Rollers and Team Finland. Oona started out in Finland with Helsinki Roller Derby in 2009, was the founding member of Kallio Rolling Rainbow and then moved to Stockholm in 2012 where they played 5 successful seasons. Oona is now part of the Rose City Rollers' Allstars, the reigning WFTDA champions!

During Oona’s 10 years of roller derby, we have seen them both block and jam, but nowadays we mostly see them with the pivot stripe. They are a really fun skater to watch. On the track, they always seem to be in the right place at the right time making sure no teammate or opposition is left unglittered. Oona says the best thing about roller derby is the ever-changing strategies, the teamwork and all the interesting people they keep meeting. Their future plans are to keep on breathing roller derby, training hard and playing at the highest level as long as possible.

Injury preventing exercises and STEAKS® are a part of their every derby day. “STEAKS help me protect my chest and shoulders from those big hits given and received. And I can’t help but love the ultra-cool Finnish design!

Pronouns They/Them

Hometown Portland, USA

Teams Rose City Rollers