I started playing roller derby in autumn 2010 and my home team has always been Helsinki Roller Derby. I was also the captain of the Helsinki All-stars from 2012-2017. I skated for the Finnish national team at the 2014 World Cup and again in 2018. My other favourite things are skateboarding, snowboarding and cycling.

Fun facts:

  • I have an out-of-control little finger that always sticks upright when I’m focused on the track. I inherited this from my father, who was a big-time basketball player who also stuck out his little finger when playing.
  • I am very skilful in making up words in roller derby gameplay (and in life generally), usually a mixture of Finnish-Spanish-English-Swedish.
  • My snack name given to me by the team is Ninanas (I love ananas (pineapple), sometimes I even look like ananas).
  • I am a human selfie stick with my long arms; I can always fit everyone in a team selfie.

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Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Helsinki, Finland

Teams Helsinki Roller Derby