Maurine #11 moved to Melbourne, Australia in 2020, and made the charter of the VRDL Allstars. Before moving, Maurine had played for the Stockholm Roller Derby Allstars since 2015, the year the team qualified for the WFTDA D1 playoffs for the first time. Her derby journey started in a small league in the north of Sweden and has included a couple of months with Dublin Roller Derby in Ireland. Despite an affinity for all positions on track, Maurine most often finds herself donning the star.

When not on track scoring points she can be found officiating, coaching juniors, or coaching all levels of Roller Derby.

With a master’s degree in Psychology, she is passionate to bring organisational structural change within the sport. She’s helped individual skaters, teams, and leagues with many different challenges, as well as held workshops and seminars at both the European Derby Organizational Conference (EROC) and Euro Derby Con (EDC).

With a disposition for a big-picture perspective of the sport, she enjoys being involved in various aspects of it. She loves to travel and meet derby people from all over.

Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Melbourne, Australia

Teams Victorian Roller Derby League