I've been wearing STEAKS® since 2015 and wouldn't compete without it!

My Roller Derby Highlights

  • Joining VRDL in 2015 and working towards perfection with the All-Stars. We train so hard and it truly is the most rewarding environment as a skater. I am surrounded by incredibly talented and creative people and I love it!
  • Winning The Hydra in 2017 with my dreamy team.
  • Successfully creating a Roller Derby Snack Club.
  • Earning a place on Team Australia, and winning silver with a really rad team at the 2018 World Cup.
  • Earning bronze at the 2015 and 2016 WFTDA Championships with VRDL.
  • Skating at the 2014 World Cup and placing silver with Team England Roller Derby.
  • Playing for cool teams like London Brawl Saints and Brawling.
  • Captaining Helsinki Roller Derby league, and skating in Europe's first WFTDA tournament.
  • Coaching Sydney Roller Derby League after Australia sorted out its covid numbers. They are a great league and are super impressive!
  • Coaching all around the world and meeting the best people.

Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Sydney/Melbourne, Australia

Teams Sydney Roller Derby League

Victorian Roller Derby League

Team Australia Roller Derby