Lily started skating with London Rockin’ Rollers in 2011. She skated for the All-Stars and coached their new recruits for 3 years under the name Uma Thumpin. After 6 months out for a broken ankle and newly bionic bones, she transferred to Sheffield Steel Roller Derby and captained them through a British champs season. In 2017 Lily transferred to Rainy City where she is currently playing for their All-Star team and coaches the Tender Hooligans.Lily regularly coaches the Sheffield Steel Junior Rollers, which she co-founded and also guest coaches leagues around the world.

Alongside skating Lily is currently ranked 7th in British Weightlifting and finished 2nd at UK’s strongest woman in 2020. Lily is hoping to continue competing in strength sports alongside the return of Roller Derby and running her vegan chocolate company (Truffle Pig).

Roller Derby highlights so far:

  • Returning to competitive skating (twice!) from serious injuries
  • Winning the Euro Cup with Rainy in 2018
  • Skating at my first WFTDA playoffs in A Coruña in 2018
  • Every league I’ve coached, meeting new wonderful humans

Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Sheffield, UK

Teams Rainy City Roller Derby