After playing 7 seasons with the Nantes Derby Girls All-Star team “The Duchesses” as a blocker and 1 last season as a jammer/blocker with our Rec league, I choose to become a full-time park skater and ended my roller derby career.

I’m working on learning roller dance moves (I have 10 years of experience in dance). I’m one of the admins for CIB France and have recently become a certified professional roller skating teacher, I will continue to spread the love of roller skating more and more :)

I love wearing the Basic Crash Shorts when I’m trying new tricks. They make me more confident and help me feel secure (and believe me, when you fall on the ramp and slam your butt directly on the coping, you’re very happy to wear these shorts ^^).

And the best socks to use with my skates are the STEAKS® Old School Crew Socks. They are not just a simple jersey tube, but so smartly designed with comfy pads, they are my best socks to skate with <3

Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Biarritz, France

Teams The Shred Sisters

CIB France (admin)