Roller Derby achievements and history

  • Coached over 15 leagues in the USA and Spain.
  • Charm City Roller Girls All-Star and Coach since 2015 (Baltimore, USA).
  • Men’s Team Spain Coach, 2014.
  • Team Maryland and Team England Training Squad, 2017.
  • Skater for Manneken Beasts (Brussels, Belgium) since 2018 and Les Biches Roller Derby (Thonon, France).
  • Coach for Women’s Team Switzerland and Men’s Team Spain 2020.

Book a STEAKS® Camp with GG to learn the following:

  • Back to Basics: Drills you can do in small spaces to level up your derby skills.
  • Blocking: Absorbing impact, tight wall conformations, tracking, sticky blocking, counter-blocking, proactive blocking. Avoiding offense. Jammer sandwich.
  • Offense: Aggressive offense, Jammer-Offense communication, destroying walls and keeping them apart. Jam starts.
  • Jamming: Hitting walls hard, how to set up a wall for offense and trick them.
Coaching radius: Europe, would love to coach in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia

Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Lausanne, Switzerland

Teams Manneken Beasts (Skater)

Les Biches (Skater)

Team Switzerland (Coach)

Men’s Team Spain (Coach)