In 2012 I fell in love with roller derby and I instantly bought a pair of skates to become a skater myself. I’m a passionate derby nerd and I love to spread this passion and derby love all over the place. I’ve coached my own league since 2014 (Munich Rolling Rebels) and teams in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. I’m a member of Team Germany since 2016. And as co-captain, I had the opportunity to lead my team to 13th place in the Blood&Thunder World Cup in Manchester in 2018. I became Team Germany Head Coach in 2019 without coaching Team Germany even once #thankyoucorona. At the end of 2019, my team Munich Dynamite became Germany’s division 1 champion and we have held this title for two, going on three years in a row #thankyoucorona. I’m hoping derby will return to the fun sport I fell in love with almost a decade ago and that I will be involved in it for another one.

Book a STEAKS® Camp with Bee A to learn the following:

Do you want to take the next step and need help to improve? Let me teach you how to improve your individual blocking techniques, fancy footwork for blockers and jammers and how you can master your partner- and wall work. Or are you interested in classes like “how to watch footage like a pro”, “competitive resources and competitions” or “skater evaluations”? I’ll coach you according to your personal needs… Let’s learn, sweat and laugh together!

Coaching radius: Europe, one country within 2 days

Pronouns She/Her

Hometown Munich, Germany

Teams Munich Rolling Rebels