Order process time for Team Uniforms

Quick Timeplan Overview

  • 8 weeks - for follow up orders
  • 12 weeks - for first-time orders with a small service package (the design is delivered in vector format, includes a miniature print sample so you can preview the print design)
  • 16 weeks - for first-time orders with a large service package (includes STEAKS® uniform design service and Uniform Top design sample, a printed and sewn sample top in your selected sample size)

If you are unsure which products you want to choose and preview them by ordering our fitting set, please plan additional time for this step.

Detailed Timeplan

#1 Uniform Products Selection Phase: 1-4 weeks

If you are ordering STEAKS® Team Uniforms for the first time you might have more questions or even want to preview some of our products by ordering a Fitting Set. We recommend you plan in enough time for this phase if you want to give your team the chance to select their desired models and modification options. As you can mix and match any of our Uniform Tops and Bottoms in one single team order, this might take a while. To order a fitting set please contact teamorders@steakswear.com.

#2 Planning, Design & Sampling Phase: 1-8 weeks

During this phase, we will gather all required information, which includes the product and amount selection as well as names and numbers. The planning and sampling phase depends on if you already have a design and what type of sample option you choose.

  • Planning & Design – 1-2 weeks: 1 week if you have the design ready to send in a vector format, 2 weeks if you commission us to design your custom team uniforms
  • Sampling – 2-6 weeks: 2 weeks if you select a miniature print sample, 6 weeks if you select a designed fitting sample (printed and sewn jersey in selected sample size).

#3 Production & Delivery: 8 weeks

Production will take 8 weeks for all Team Uniform orders (new and follow-up) and will start after the order was placed and paid in full. The shipping duration will depend on your location.