Six-month product warranty

All our products except the socks have a six-month legal guarantee after the date of purchase from During these six months STEAKS®, will take full responsibility for faulty products and repair or replace them free of charge. If repair or replacement is not possible you are also eligible for a refund or reduction of the purchase price. There is no guarantee of a resolution. Each case will be looked at individually.

If you think you have a faulty product, please send your purchase date (order confirmation), a written explanation and pictures of the product to This is required so the item may be considered for repair, refund or replacement. 


Cases that are not covered by the six-month guarantee:

  • Change of heart - exchanging one product for another: The buyer must take the description of the purchased item into account before requesting a refund or exchange. If the item matches the description by STEAKS® and the buyer is unsatisfied because they have had a change of heart and want a different product instead, STEAKS® is not responsible for a refund.
  • Mistreated products: if the customer does not follow the recommended care instructions for the products this may result in the products breaking. In this case, STEAKS® is not responsible for a refund.
  • Changes in Team Uniforms: team uniforms that are made according to the information given by the customer during the purchase are not considered faulty. STEAKS® can only take responsibility for faults in production. If these occur, please contact team orders (at)
  • Socks: Even though our socks are sturdy and made from quality yarn, their life span is naturally shorter depending on the use. Usually a pair of socks last 3-6 months.