What is a design or print sample and why should we book one?

Print and Design Samples are a preview of your new design and are recommended for first-time orders as they will help you evaluate the colours and the overall design.

Print or Design Samples are recommended but not mandatory. They will give you the confidence that your money is well invested when you order the entire batch for your team.

If you have approved a design – with or without print or design sample – the approval is final. We have to charge for corrections requested after your approval. So if you have the time, we highly recommend this step.

Print Sample

  • What it is: your design is printed on a small piece of your new uniform fabric. You will get to see the selected colours of your new team uniforms in real life and will be able to let us know if changes will need to be made or if we can move on with production.
  • Cost: FREE
  • Production time: 2 weeks

Design Sample

  • What it is: a ready-made team uniform top in your new design. You will see the entire design in real life. This will help you evaluate the product and the design.
  • Cost: 40€ + shipping
  • Production time: 6-8 weeks 

If you are ready to request an offer contact teamorders@steakswear.com